From the recording To The Top Of The World

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To The Top Of The World
C: 2013 Donna Holman

You got that zing, you got that party going on in your head, that makes me get up and dance. You've got that groove to the beat to the rhythm of a song that makes me want to sing along to my favorites on the radio, you make me turn it up, you make me want to go

To the top, to the top of the world
To the top to the top of the world
Where the trees are green
Where the sky is blue
Where the morning sun shines all over you
Where the mountains so high you can taste the dew, where I can reach the stars and throw them back at you.

You got that thing, you got that crazy little spring in your step that makes my day feel right. You got a smile that could light up a town for days. You make ripples in to waves. Let's take a jet zip through the sky, I want to hop right in, I want to go for the ride.


Bridge: You take it to another dimension
I'm loving the positive reaction