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The House At The End Of The Road

Construction came to town
Hard hats all around
Looking to see what they could demo
Their eyes came to a spot
That didn't look like a lot
Two hits and it would be gone
But there was history there
You couldn't help but stop and stare
The feeling was that it was special

It may not look like much
It may seem it's been out of touch
But there's memories that live on that lot
Don't give up because it's old
This town needs the house at the end of the road

Bill and Mary tied the knot
Happy kids playing on the lot
Christmas trees with all their sparkle
Summertime became Fall
That's when they got the call
Vietnam took their son he died a hero
Tears filled the living room
While they watched the man walk on the moon
Pastor prayed for this whole family


Bridge: Ooohs


Tag: Oh the trees are lined and they will be fast to grow
The town paints the house at the end of the road