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C: 2017 Donna Holman


c: 2017 Donna Holman

Verse 1:
I need a drink, I need a toast
I need a beach fire smoke - in
On the ocean, on the ocean
Let’s go to the tiki bar
You know you’ve been there before
Volcanic po - tion
On the ocean, on the ocean

Sugar White Sand in my doorway
All over my floors and I’m feeling good
Sugar White Sand all over my legs and feet
I can feel the ocean beat
Isn’t life grand
With my Sugar White Sand

Verse 2:
I need sunshine, I need to relax
I need the dolphins jumping hap - py
All over, all over
Let’s get a captain, get a boat
Let’s go out and ex - plore
The water
Together, together


Gonna trade my high heels for flip flops
Shopping malls for beach shops

Chorus and out -