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I Can't Get Back On That Bus
C: 2016 Donna Holman, Bill Adams

I took the midnight line to visit a friend of mine three states away. That old Greyhound took me to my hometown and dropped me right off in front of your place. It was so good to see you but when I began to explain that I had a meeting to get back to all these feelings got in my way.

Can't get back on that bus, my heart's making such a fuss, stirring up feelings that were locked deep inside of me. I've got to turn myself around and hold you in my arms, because my heart's not going to let me get back on that bus.

We went to Carmine's to have a glass of wine, took a walk out on the beach. It was so natural the way your lips felt when you leaned in to kiss my cheek. When you bought me a coffee and said this one's for the road, all I could think as I sipped my drink is no I don't want to go.


Bridge: Over and over I tried to fight it but this is too strong a love to walk away and forget.